Being Julia

Je m’appelle Julia Parfois.

Or to put it another way, I’m Julia . . . sometimes.

I’m a T-Girl – a fella who loves to wear dresses . . . and skirts . . . and stockings . . . and heels . . . and . . . . . . . .

I’m a father and a writer and a reader and a musician and a football fan. I’m a lover, not a fighter (or a dancer).

I’m a 60s child. I hope I never grow up.

I’m a man in touch with his feminine side, but I’m not a man trapped in a woman’s body. I was born male and I’ll die male . . . I just make the odd excursion as Lady Julia.

I thought I had found a perfect love in my partner of seven years, Dee.

I was wrong. She knew about my ‘other side’ but then, after four years, decided she couldn’t handle it. Didn’t bother to tell me. Just found a ‘substitute’. Nice.

By the way, that leggy brunette on the right. Not me I’m afraid. Nice look though . . .


Hi Julia,
Another Julia tranny! I’ll have to either fall in love with you or kill you!
Hope your bob name’s not the same as mine – but I’m not telling!

lost in the world says:

i am the same way, i love girls, but i like to dress up like one too
im not a thinker but i have look to the future as i ponder hwo/whut i am…

Mikayla says:

You have a cool blog here, I like your writing style

Well done Julia…..great to see info on your life and path!

Trespasser says:

Just stumbled across your latest blog, it sounds like this year (2012) could turn to be rather exciting …. the cinema ticket needs framing, its priceless.

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