Being Julia

{March 5, 2012}   Coming soon . . .

Now, I realise that the title of this post might be misconstrued but . . .

a) That’s not what I mean

b) It’s highly unlikely anyway . . . apart from solo outings (too much information?)!

Now, what I mean to say is that, proper blogging is due to resume shortly (stop calling me Shortly!) and will include:

  • Meals out
  • Pubbing
  • Clubbing – including dancing in 4″ heels for the first time     🙂
  • Shopping: food/clothes . . . even a chip shop
  • Gaining a fashion sense (I hope)
  • Sale bargains
  • The most amazing TG support group
  • Future ambitions . . . this rock chick wants to go to a gig

Busy, busy, busy back in Bloke-land but watch this space ‘cos this chick needs to be heard . . .

Julia xx



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