Being Julia

{January 9, 2012}   The Big Sleep

Julia is back! Yes, after two years of hibernation, I’m back in action again. And loving it!

I’ll fill you in on the gruesome details at some future point but, in short, I’ve just been through the most hellish couple of years after Dee decided not to love me anymore, cheat on me, blame it on the cross-dressing and . . . tell her new lover who then promptly taunted me on Facebook. Bastards! (I really must update the ‘About Julia’ page, somewhat out of date now, singing the praises of Dee. Oh well, her loss.)

I’m finally coming out of the fog of grief now and I think that’s the reason I can go back to being me (us) again.

Also because I’ve had some amazing support from a number of close friends who I’ve outed myself to. You know who you are, guys and gals . . . thanks so much.

That’s it for now. But more . . . much more . . . to follow. I’ve been a very busy girl. The sales have been hit. Hard. And I’ve been out and about again at long, long last.

Till next time,

Julia x


like the story of sleeping beauty 🙂

****ing hell! Sorry to hear you’ve been through the ringer, but it sounds like you’re back on form. Glad to have you back!


Julia Parfois says:

Thanks Lynn,


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