Being Julia

{October 28, 2009}   Thursday blues

It’s  taken a little longer to get round to than usual but, as you may have noticed from this post’s title,  the other Thursday didn’t go quite to plan.

Well, they can’t all, can they? But I figure I owe it to myself (and maybe you out there) to blog the bad days as well as the wonderful ones.

I’ve just had my first dressing up session since then and am currently typing away with my New Look purple dress and New Look 4″ stilettos on. God I love these shoes. They ain’t comfortable and they constantly slip at the heel (something I’m trying to fix), I must have really narrow feet. But they are sooooooo sexy! If they look amazing on me they must be astonishingly so on a GG (in fact, I think a girl at work has the same pair and, yes, they do).

Anyway back to the other Thursday. The plan was two-fold and maybe too brave in retrospect. I was going to drive out to the main shopping centre in Burton, Staffordshire, hit TK Maxx and a couple of other shops and then, if all had gone well, pop in for a glass of wine at a nice, quiet country pub Dee and I had discovered the week before. That would mark my first ever visit to a pub in T-girl mode.

Dressing up went great and I was eventually in full office girl Julia mode, with smart skirt and soft sweater. Couldn’t get the shoes to stay on right so I opted for my stiletto boots which are a tad lower, but still sexy and pointy. With false nails (false everything really!) applied I was off driving round a few country villages to build up my nerve.

But the more I thought about Burton, the more I had my doubts. The car park there needs you to buy a ticket to exit and the only ticket machine i know of is right outside the front door of Asda. To say that is a busy thoroughfare is an understatment. My plan was to park as near to TK Maxx as possible and then make as quick an exit as possible. But the more I thought about buying that parking ticket among the Asda hordes the more panic set in. In the end I simply bottled it and kept on driving, still with the intention though of having a nice cold glass of Dutch courage.

I was getting pretty thirsty by then though, so did brave a tiny post office I’d visited on one of my first Julia outings to buy a Coke. Seemed to go OK although my hands were shaking as I opened my purse to pay. I checked on the way out and nobody  was staring.

I knew the pub I planned to visit opened at midday and i drove past at 11.55, parked up nearby and checked the look when . . . oh, God not again . . . I found I was missing one nail. I’d strutted outside the car for a few minutes so maybe I’d lost it there. Got out to look but it was raining now and there was no sign of it. Got back in the car and . . . on God no, not again, again . . . another nail was missing. By this time, confidence had deserted me completely and all I could do was abandon today’s outing, driving to a country lane to a) strut a bit more b) change back into man mode.

So that’s it. A bad un’ I’m afraid. On the plus side though the make-up was really good and I thought the office look, caught in that Post Office mirror, was a winner.

I’m also conscious  that I still haven’t visited Lea for my make-up lesson yet. I will do, honest, but the opportunities are getting thinner and thinner (unlike me!) and I’d have to go in Bob mode and then walk out in Julia mode. Actually, that’s a fantastically attractive idea . . . but still scary.

I’m still determined to go for that drink but I won’t get another chance for a month now at least.

In the meantime, today’s make-up session has gone well too. Lipstick just the right side of going trout-pout (as I’ve said before, I have very thin lips, so do try to plump them up) and the eyeshadow is the darkest I’ve tried yet . . . a smoky deep purple and black. I thinks it looks great and will try it again next time I go out.

Just got to practice “a large glass of Chardonnay please” in my best Julia voice.

BTW, that second nail . . . I’ve just found it tangled in my wig.

Honestly . . . .


{October 10, 2009}   Off to the office!

I’ve got my whole “office girl” kit now. A purple, rolk neck sweater from George, a lovely black/grey, smart skirt with a split up the back from Tesco and those shoes – the ones I saw in New Look in London and then couldn’t find up here in the Midlands.

And the reason  I couldn’t find them? . . . Looks like they had been withdrawn to be added into the sale . . . where I got them reducied from £25 to £10. Whoopee!

Now I’ll be honest, they are way too high. Much more stiletto even than my boots. But they are gorgeous and I’m keeping them. I can definitely walk a short distance in them but I may have to swap to the boots again for anything incolving more than 100m . . . or get some kitten heels or something lower and maybe a little clunkier (I have got some Mary Janes but they don’t quite look right)

Oh well, we’ll see.

Something struck me the other day. I no longer get sexually excited when I dress up. That used to happen quite a lot.  Now I feel my confidence rising about being outside as Julia the sexual buzz of old has been resplaced by something less tangible but strangely comforting. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

Oh well, I’ve done my office typing for the morning. Back to Bob mode.

More soon . . . Julia’s going out on Thursday!


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