Being Julia

{August 31, 2009}   Here’s one I made earlier

A bit Blue Peter this, but I’m here to extol the virtues of recycling. A bra which I ‘broke’ a couple of weeks back is enjoying a new lease of life . . . as ‘butt pads’ to give me a more feminine bum! All the strapping has been cut off and the padded cups sit inside my knickers and do the job perfectly (and to think I was going to spend £40 on some butt enhancers I saw on the internet).

I’ve just come back from a Julia shopping trip to test them out. I went to a small jewellery shop at a craft centre I’ve visited previously and bought my first earrings – the screw on type. They are three dangly hearts, all sparkly, blue and girlie and they look great on. Wasn’t aware of any strange looks from anyone there and the mature gent who served me was very nice and didn’t flinch!

This was also a test run for a solo trip down to London in a couple of weeks, where I’m determined to hit the street and shops in full Julia mode. On the basis that no-one there knows me I just think, what the hell, it’ll be scary as anything but what a thrill. Today I dressed quite conservatively, bu my screaming inner tranny is insisting on wearing my denim  mini skirt (and I do mean mini) in London. Wearing it now with my black boots.

One more test run next week when I’ll dress up and spend the morning at a small Midlands town I used to live in.

Keep watching this space.

Julia x


{August 19, 2009}   Multiple Choice

It’s been very quiet at work, my boss has kindly sent me home early and it’s a lovely, warm sunny day.

So do I:

a) Soak up the sun in the garden?

b) Soak up the sun in a beer garden?

c) Rush home, do my best eye make-up yet and prance around in super-high heels,  stockings and leopard print dress?

Thanks boss!   😉

et cetera